Grimlore Games uses a highly efficient content pipeline. We develop our powerful but easy-to-use tools in house. All tools are designed with multiplatform architecture of both current and next gen platforms in mind. As a result, our optimized art production pipeline enables us to design, create and polish game content in short periods of time.

Detailed surfaces created via ZBrush

Texture surfaces created via ZBrush.

Different stages of our asset creation pipeline.

Different stages of our asset creation pipeline.

We believe in the concept of having specific tools for every purpose that fit the needs of each discipline.

Grimlore World Editor

The Grimlore World Editor.

Our World Editor is a potent and flexible level editing tool, that allows to create and modify any kind of game maps and levels. It is easily customizable for the specific needs of each individual project and enables several designers to work on different aspects of the game environments simultaneously.
The Grimlore terrain engine uses the capabilities of modern graphics hardware. It was designed to visualize large outdoor areas as well as indoor rooms and caves.

Particle FX Editor

The Grimlore Particle FX Editor.

Modern shader technology allows us to visualize complex particle effects. The Grimlore FX Studio offers a comfortable and powerful way to create a wide variety of Particle Effects.

In our production pipeline Post Effects are also handled as regular art resources.
Designers can easily create and tweak all Post Effects with our PostFX Editor.