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Writer (m/f/d)


We are looking for an on-site writer to create narrative content for our RTS and RPG games. You will join other team members involved in our game’s narrative to craft the story, dialogue, defining lore and history with concise documentation and prose, and co-developing the narrative of missions that support and feed into larger story goals and themes.

Some of your responsibilities:

  • Create stories with compelling, multifaceted characters consistent with the project vision.
  • Conceive scenarios, missions, and objectives that are tied to larger story goals.
  • Write and edit character dialogue, enemy barks, objective text, and other narrative content.
  • Own the function and presentation of in-game narrative content.
  • Implement narrative content using proprietary game development tools.
  • Maintain dialogue asset pipeline and assist in management of scripts.
  • Collaborate with designers on the narrative part of the game

Desired qualifications:

  • Fluent in written and spoken English – Being an English Native is a big plus
  • The ability or willingness to learn German
  • Experience in game/level design is a plus
  • Passion for games and gaming communities is welcomed
  • A positive attitude