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Narrative Designer (m/f/d)


As a Narrative Designer, you will help us craft a unique, innovative campaign experience and an unforgettable story. You will use sight, sound, gameplay, text, and every trick in the book to bring your ideas to life (knowledge of tricks that aren’t yet in the book a plus!). You’ll also get a chance to work across disciplines and collaborate with almost all teams in the studio: content and level design, art, sound design, etc.

Some of your responsibilities:

  • Write fascinating storylines for areas and quests
  • Craft living, memorable characters
  • Create deep lore for monsters, factions and locations
  • Write all kinds of in-game texts
  • Research diverse topics related to classical antiquity
  • Work in close contact with the principal narrative designer: brainstorm, pitch ideas, receive and provide feedback, iterate upon concepts and designs
  • Collaborate with other teams and take part in cross-department meetings


Desired qualifications:

  • Professional game development experience as a Narrative Designer, Game Writer, or in another story-oriented position (exceptions are made for large and complex modding projects)
  • A good sense for story and dramatic structure
  • A solid grasp on the specifics of videogame narrative, and a desire to tell stories in a way only a game can
  • Able to come up with innovative narrative techniques and creative ways of delivering a story beat, especially non-verbally
  • Experience creating interactive dialogue
  • Able to write clear, effective documentation and organize information
  • Thrives in a fluid and collaborative environment
  • Comfortable with giving and receiving criticism, as well as working in an iterative approach
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills
  • Extensive gaming experience



  • Native English skills are not required for this position, but still a plus
  • Experience designing narrative tools, storytelling systems, dialogue systems, etc.
  • Education in creative writing, narrative design, or related field (language and literature, psychology…)
  • Knowledge of and an interest for classical antiquity
  • A passion for ARPGs